One of our major goals at GRACE is to build a sense of community that can serve as a foundation of support to anyone who seeks it. By starting with the culture of our studio--our instructors and members--and then reaching out to our greater community, we aim to foster a sense of acceptance, well-being, and connectedness, not just among those who step foot within our four walls, but also within our greater Coachella Valley community. With this goal in mind, we have created our With Good Grace program as a means to further support our broader community through education, subsidized programming and fundraising efforts. Part of our fundraising efforts goes toward supporting other organizations that are doing great work in our valley. In this way, we hope that GRACE as a small studio is able to have a bigger impact within our community.

We also proudly offer any school educator a discount to our evening yoga classes. We recognize the difficulty of the teaching profession and honor the multitude of selfless ways that teachers give to their students and communities. One way GRACE has chosen to support our local teachers is to provide a $12 drop-in for any of our relaxing and restorative yoga classes to help ease tension in the body, balance the nervous system and boost the immune system. We THANK YOU for your service!

Keep an eye out as we grow the With Good Grace program and continue to incorporate ways to build and support community!