Finding Grace Studio has been the most incredible experience! This special studio and their owners and instructors have taken me on a health journey and given me tools and instruction that I never imagined possible! From private health and diet coaching to springboard classes (my new love), to spiritual and emotional coaching, to restorative yoga (my second new love), to learning the pilates equipment, this has been absolutely life changing! I look forward to every class I take, the friends I’ve made and the wonderful transformation of my body and soul. Grace Studio is my favorite place to be me....heart, body and soul.
— Missy Alward

The moment I stepped foot into GRACE Health Studio I felt like I was stepping in to my second home. There is just a feeling of peace and tranquillity. The owner Kate is such a gentle soul. Kate makes it easy to feel like you are part of the Grace family but at the same time working your mind and body.
I have also had the pleasure of practicing with
Leesann and I must say she has the kindest heart I’ve ever met along with her healing flow.
Grace is my new healing center . Much love ;)
— Margaret Bierman

Wow! I’ve been practicing all my life and Katie is one is the absolute best teachers I’ve ever had. You leave her class feeling all the great benefits that yoga is supposed to give you...empowered, centered, grounded, revitalized. Her classes work for the experienced student and beginner alike. She has a modification for every pose and she never ever makes anyone feel uncomfortable or inadequate. It’s a pleasure to look forward to class, to experience it and to soak in the benefits after. She is one of the few really great teachers who works to help you find the right space in the poses. You never collapse into a posture—she works with every one to help them work from the right muscles, using your core, with all the subtle tweaks that only a master teacher knows. The class, for me, also strikes the perfect balance between meditative and active. I always leave happier, more centered and feeling more alive than when I went in. Truly a great teacher and a great studio. I used to bemoan the lack of great studios here as compared to LA. No more! This is my favorite studio ever.
— Marley Castillo

I have going to Grace for a month now and I love it. The space is so incredibly beautiful and staff is truly accommodating. Katie, the owner and instructor has such a gentle spirit and such a great instructor. Please, no matter what level of yoga you practice, GOOOOO! You won’t regret a single second.
— John L.

The warm welcome that Katie and others at GRACE extend, even to a first-timer, is genuine and sincere. And be sure to try the Ecstatic Dance class - it’s a great workout, especially for those of us who spend too much time in front of a computer all day.
— Tom Mahon

Not all bodies are created such, there is no thing as “one workout fits all”. Whether you are new to working out, have injuries, physical defects, out of shape...we each are dealing with our own personal unique situations. That is why it is so important that when you choose a program, you are 100% supported, recognized and understood by your instructors — otherwise, you’re an accident waiting to happen.
Which brings me to my point: Go to Grace the Health Studio.
All the instructors are A+++ in their field. And the owner, Katie, is a superhero. She acutely aware of each student’s ‘story’ (i.e.: injuries, limitations, etc) and is always making sure to give adjustments so each person can work out for their body and their needs. With eyes in the back of her head, she is keenly focused on each person during the class - giving everyone full attention and making sure to continually check in with us, check in on the adjustments. It almost feels as if you are in a private class with the amount of attention she is able to give to each of us. And extra bonus: she mixes it up! It’s not the same boring routine over and over.
The studio is very welcoming and non-judgmental.
You owe it to yourself to get down to Grace the Health Studio. I’m so glad I did!
— Karen G.