We request pre-booking for all classes. All clients are able to pre-book any classes up to one (1) week prior to current date.

***Please note that if you are waitlisted for a class you may receive an email up to TWO (2) hours prior to class start. If you are added to class from the waitlist and do not attend, you will be charged unless you are within our cancellation terms. Please see cancellation terms below. If you are not able to attend your waitlisted class, be sure to remove yourself to avoid any late cancel charges to your account.

Late Cancel/No show

Out of consideration for our instructors' time and other students who may be on a waiting list, we require advance notice for any cancellation. We ask for at least a 12 hour prior notice for any SPRINGBOARD or REFORMER class cancellation, a 3 hour prior notice for any mat class cancellation in the Window Room and a 24 hour prior notice for any private session cancellation including health coaching sessions. Any appointments or scheduled classes that are not cancelled within the cancellation window will be considered a "no show." The late cancel/no show class will be deducted from your package or your account will be charged a fee (Mat - $10 fee/Reformer - $16). Classes and appointments that are cancelled prior to cancellation window may be rescheduled for a later time.

***If you are waitlisted for class and cannot attend, please remove yourself from the list. You may be added into the class up to TWO (2) hours prior to class start. If you are added from the waitlist you will be notified via email. Fees will apply to those who have been added from the waitlist and late cancel.


ALL MEMBERSHIPS (Reformer Memberships and Mat Memberships) ARE MONTHLY AUTO-RENEW CONTRACTS.

  • We offer separate Reformer and Mat class Memberships, which can be joined simultaneously at a discounted rate.

  • Classes are not transferable, and do not roll over to the following month. Additional classes during your month (beyond your contracted amount) will cost $15 (Mat) and $29 (Reformer).

  • Memberships automatically continue each month after your contracted term until cancellation by you in WRITING. Cancellation forms are at GRACE. You must give 14 DAYS NOTICE prior to charge date to cancel once outside your contract minimum term; all scheduled payments within the 14 days following your date of notice will be deducted as usual.

  • Cancellation Policy: If you wish to cancel your membership contract early, then you must provide an MD note of illness or injury or proof of move from the city. If you cannot provide these documents, then you may transfer the membership to somebody else to take over the remaining payments. You must fill out the Cancellation Form that can be obtained at the studio, and the new membership owner must sign their contract in the studio. There is no refund for a cancellation in the middle of a membership contract. To cancel your Membership after the initial commitment term, you must provide a written cancellation notice to the front desk at the studio. There is no partial refund for a cancellation in the middle of a membership month.

  • Your monthly payment will automatically be deducted from your credit card every 30 days beginning on your contract agreement date.

  • If you cancel your membership or are outside of your contract minimum term you may lose the right to this set price. GRACE is at liberty to increase pricing at anytime during the month to month term.

  • Late Cancel/No Show Policy: Members who cancel a class reservation outside of the cancellation terms (12hrs for Springboard and Reformer classes; 3 hrs for any classes in the WINDOW ROOM) or do not show for class reservations will be considered a late cancel. At such time the class reservation will be deducted from the membership package as if it were used or charged a late fee to the card on file.

Account Holds

You may apply a hold to your account during your contracted term. Notice of the hold must be given within 14 days of your charge date to stop charges on your account. Hold start and end dates must be provided at time of hold.

  • 4 Month Term: 1 week hold

  • 12 Month Term: One 4 week hold

    Seasonal Holds: Due to the nature of our seasonal location, we allow snowbirds a "seasonal hold” on the account. You must give a start and return date at the time of placing the hold on your account. The hold must be placed two weeks prior to charge date and noted at the time of signing the membership contract. You may change the date inside of the 6 months, but may not extend the seasonal hold past 6 months.

  • Holds placed longer than the alloted time frame will be charged a flat holding fee of $75.


Please note all services have expirations.



All sales are final.