The Springboard is a wall-mounted, Pilates-based piece of equipment that is designed to strengthen and tone muscles. Contrary to what it sounds like, there is very little "springing" involved with this board! Rather, the name comes from the fact that, like its older sibling, the Reformer, it uses a spring-load to create the resistance used to work muscles during both the extension and contraction of a movement. This helps to isolate targeted muscles within any exercise, and reduces the potential for other muscle groups to "get in the way" thus making your workouts more efficient and effective!



This class is short and sweet--you are in and out in 30 minutes! But don’t let its brevity fool you: Springboard Express is designed to provide convenient, yet effective programming and target only one area of the body each session. Our Springboard Express classes are intimate, with a maximum of 5 people, and taught on the Springboard equipment (a Pilates based piece similar to the Cadillac). These classes will tone and elongate your muscles, and are great for achieving a slimming effect. They are perfect for a quick workout first thing in the morning, during a lunch break, or any time you need a boost of energy!  Advance registration is recommended to reserve your spot.

We offer several Springboard classes on our schedule, with each class only 30 minutes long. We believe that the quality of movement is more important than the quantity. Many people wear themselves out doing repeated movements and exercises in poor form without proper alignment. Not only can this can lead to injury, but it doesn't give much benefit. The Springboard machine (and Pilates in general) is so effective at targeting muscle groups, you are able to work "smarter, not harder" and see results in a much shorter time frame. Our express classes are designed as modules, so that each class targets a specific area of the body: upper body, lower body, core, or stretch. We also have a few cardio classes as well. Clients have reported a decrease in back pain and headaches, better posture, and an increase in muscle tone after only a few weeks of integrating Express classes into their schedules!



Very much like the Springboard Express, this class is 30 minutes, but the emphasis is on flexibility, not strength. You will hold stretches, elongate your muscles, and release tension in your body. It is a wonderful compliment to any Springboard Express class.

We request that grip socks be worn for all Pilates sessions. Socks are available for purchase at reception.